Tooling & Segment Cases
While automation has become highly prevalent within the pharmaceutical industry, manual labor is often still required to move, clean, or maintain equipment. Each manual touchpoint endured by a piece of equipment poses risk of human error, which could result in damage to press components, such as punches.

At Fette Compacting America, our proprietary box system embodies our TRI.EASY principle, mitigating the risks posed by manual handling and ensuring that tooling can be handled or moved safely and efficiently. Our TRI.EASY design method implements a full 360° ease of functionality into all of the equipment we manufacture. The TRI.EASY design method covers the three aspects of equipment—changeover, operation and maintenance, ensuring that each of these processes is as simple as possible for the end user.

TRI.EASY Tool Case System

Optimal tablet quality is directly proportional to the quality of tablet punches. Unfortunately, punches are prone to surface damage from the minor impacts or shocks which can occur during cleaning, maintenance, or movement in and out of storage.

Fette Compacting’s TRI.EASY Tool Case System is the first comprehensive solution to address this problem. Our patent-pending case solution protects components during each step of the tool handling process. With fewer handling steps and an ergonomic design, our case system also mitigates injury risks for machine operators.

Our patent-pending TRI.EASY Case System is made up of three different case types. Each case type is suited to house a different type of component:

Punch Case

  • 544 x 436 x 175 mm
  • Heat-resistant up to 70° C
  • Trays and inlays heat-resistant up to 110° C

Segment Case

  • 544 x 436 x 87.8 mm
  • Compatible for all segment types
  • Easy plug-in system
  • Heat-resistant up to 70° C

Die Case

  • 544 x 436 x 87.88 mm
  • Heat-resistant up to 70° C
  • Trays heat-resistant up to 110° C

Our TRI.EASY Case System allows users to store punches and dies in separate, purpose-specific trays. These trays can be placed in an ultrasonic bath for easy sanitization, which eliminates the need for separate punch holders for each component. Each case features a maximum weight of 25 kilograms, including tools.

The tool case features food-safe polypropylene shells, while each tray and inlay is fabricated from polyoxymethylene to provide stiffness, hardness, and high mechanical strength. The cases also tolerate a broad temperature range to facilitate easy washing.

The TRI.EASY Case System dramatically improves the ease with which tablet equipment can be manually handled, optimizing end-to-end processes such as:

  • Cleaning
  • Storage
  • Transport

If you’re interested in learning more about Fette Compacting’s new TRI.EASY Case System, contact us today.