Types of Tablets

Pharmaceutical tablets are the oral solid dosage form of one or more medicaments sometimes containing suitable excipients. These substances, typically in powder form, are compacted or pressed into a solid tablet. They vary in size, shape, hardness, thickness, weight, dissolution, and disintegration properties. Tablets account for approximately 90% of dosage forms used for dispensing medication […]


Features of Fette Compacting’s FE55 Tablet Press

Tablet compression is one of the most pivotal processes for the pharmaceutical industry. It involves using superior-quality pieces of equipment that rely upon ultra-high degrees of precision. The FE55 tablet press from Fette Compacting is the only machine of its performance class capable of manufacturing more than 90% of common tablet forms without additional investments or costly refitting. The […]


Key Considerations for Capsule Filling

A variety of industries rely on efficient capsule-filling capabilities to cost-effectively produce products such as vitamins, supplements, and medication. Though it may seem relatively simple in theory, capsule filling is quite delicate, and measurements must be exact to ensure products are safely within prescribed dosage levels. This process must also be easily repeated to ensure that each capsule is filled consistently to standard.


Introducing New Digital Solutions for Tablet and Capsule Production

Swift conversion, cross-machine control, and reliable remote maintenance: in exceptional times such as the Corona-Crisis, it becomes apparent just how fast and comprehensively pharmaceutical manufacturers need to react to changing production conditions. Demand and availability can change at any time. Digital tools can more efficiently organize such requirements for agility.


Introducing the FE75: A New Standard for Large Batch Tablet Press Production

At Fette Compacting, we continually look for ways to expand our product offerings to better serve our customers. One of our recent product releases—the FE75—serves as a superior tablet press solution for large batches of over 1.6 million pieces per hour.


Introducing Fette Compacting’s Latest Capsule-Filling Machine: FEC 20

The Fette Compacting team is always in search of ways to extend our product family. That’s why we’re proud to offer our clients the FEC 20—our newest innovative capsule-filling machine for medium-sized batches of up to 200,000 capsules per hour.

The FEC 20 is the most effective capsule-filling machine in its class. It boasts three traits that position it at the forefront:

  • Fast product change
  • Intuitive operation
  • Total control over all process steps

Fette Compacting’s New F10i Model Represents Next-Gen Tablet Production

Fette Compacting has long been a premier supplier of reliable and efficient tablet manufacturing equipment. Our i Series has become an industry standard for superior pharmaceutical production. Thanks to upgraded, state-of-the-art technology, our new F10i model is dust-proof, highly compatible with existing systems, and digital-ready. The F10i represents the next generation of high-tech tablet production.


Getting the Best ROI Out of Your Tooling

Although tooling represents a substantial investment for tablet manufacturers, the importance of proper tooling maintenance is often underestimated. Excessive tooling wear from inadequate maintenance can lead to tablet quality issues, including sticking, capping, and discoloration before or after production.

Fortunately, many of these issues are preventable by training machine operators to regularly perform restorative procedures aimed at maintaining tooling quality. Implementing a polishing and refurbishing routine is an effective and inexpensive way to ensure high-quality tablet yields, reduce production-related costs, and maximize the ROI potential on your tooling investment. Proper maintenance has the potential to extend tooling life by as much as 80%.