Fette Compacting America offers a selection of OEM spare parts for your systems. In the solid-dosage industry, it’s important to ensure consistent validity and cleaning procedures in your facility, which only the original parts manufacturer can guarantee. Non-OEM vendors, conversely, may not use the proper validated materials, potentially putting operations at risk.

With spare parts from Fette Compacting, you’ll be able to access all of the original specifications, materials, manuals, and more, ensuring that your equipment meets industry standards.

Fette Spare Parts Services

When you turn to Fette Compacting as your OEM provider for spare parts services, you’ll benefit in many ways, including:

  • Fette Compacting inventory is maintained in the US to provide consistent, fast turnaround for US, PR, and CAN customers.
  • Access to full-time staff to discuss needs and set up PM programs, along with inventory assistance and other spare parts information.
  • Can tie spare parts directly to the Service Level Agreement that’s exclusive to Fette Compacting.
  • Refer to Fette Compacting’s OEM manuals and drawings, which non-OEM providers are unable to access.

Fette Compacting America can provide customized spares packages using the FMECA, whether you need them for a single machine or an entire fleet. Through this analysis, we can make sure that you have a custom spare parts program that’s designed to meet your needs and specifications. With a customized package, you can benefit from minimized downtime, more efficient use of space and resources, and on-site storage for parts.

We partner with qualified OEM manufacturers to supply our clients with high-quality custom parts for nearly any component, machine, and piece of process equipment. As a result, your parts will benefit from added efficiency, productivity, durability, and resistance to wear.

Advantages of OEM

There are many reasons why it’s best to install OEM manufacturing parts over non-OEM options from aftermarket manufacturers. Some of these advantages include:


While there is a certain level of expertise that many aftermarket manufacturers and machine shops offer, they do not have access to the original drawings and materials of construction for Fette Compacting parts. When validating and installing Fette Compacting equipment, we attest to the materials of construction. Documentation is provided so that materials of construction for each product and non-product contact parts is known. Any changes made by Fette Compacting as the OEM provider result in a notification to our customers and change control documentation may be required. Non-OEMs vendors also frequently use materials that are inferior to the original material, which can compromise the quality of parts. OEM parts, on the other hand, are designed by professionals who understand what your parts need for optimal performance. So while non-OEM suppliers can reengineer parts, without the development knowledge and the materials of construction, they cannot guarantee like-for-like performance as well as the materials of construction.


Choosing the right parts for equipment such as tablet presses can be a challenge if you’re not an expert. When working with OEM parts, the original manufacturer can select your parts to keep maintenance and replacement simple. You likely won’t benefit from the same simplicity when working with aftermarket parts, which are often far more complicated. Unless you have a full understanding of your equipment, you’ll have a harder time choosing the right parts.


With OEM parts installed, you can remain comfortable in knowing that your machines are benefiting from quality parts that are designed to maximize efficiency and longevity. Parts from non-OEM suppliers may be more prone to wear, damage, and decreased productivity.


OEM parts also provide a level of reliability of operation that you won’t find with aftermarket parts. Although non-OEM parts may be of high quality, you can trust OEM parts to be consistently reliable due to their maintained levels of quality.

Preventative Maintenance

You can also benefit from preventative maintenance when working with the experts at Fette Compacting. We can provide dependable preventative maintenance services that help prevent breakdowns and potentially costly downtime.

Trained Technician Support

At Fette Compacting, you’ll have access to our factory-trained service technicians who provide all on-site installations, tablet press troubleshooting, as well as service and repairs. To further ensure the quality of installation, our field service engineers are backed by double qualifications along with mandatory training. The combination of top-quality parts and highly qualified service technicians means you get the best parts and services with every installation.

Spare Parts from Fette Compacting

Fette Compacting is here to provide you with reliable OEM parts and top-tier installation services to help you get the best results from your systems. To learn more about our spare parts services, to get started on your order, request a quote today.