At Fette Compacting America, our goal is to supply our customers with state-of-the-art products designed with the newest technology in mind. Innovative Research & Development enables us to maintain our focus on creating precise, small-scale tablet presses that meet our customers’ specific needs.

Importance of Tablet Press Research & Development

Research & Development

For decades, Fette Compacting America has been setting the standard for tablet press innovation and efficient capsule production. R&D makes it possible for us to continue learning about new technologies, so we can always provide our customers with products that are based on the latest research. The following are just a few of the benefits of innovative tablet press R&D.

Improved Yield

Tablet press R&D can examine and correct areas in which the current machinery may be resulting in product loss. For example, this research may prompt designers to improve the way in which the machinery will move the product between stations, or to improve the efficiency of recirculation components. This will reduce the amount of wasted product, thereby enabling manufacturers to maximize the efficiency of their yields.

Higher Product Quality

By carefully examining and analyzing current machinery, R&D teams can spot areas in which tablet presses can be redesigned for higher efficiency and increased longevity. Changes may involve the use of new materials or the reconfiguration of components to improve product flow.

Increased Durability

R&D allows designers to make changes to tablet press machinery to improve wear resistance and overall durability. By choosing new materials for press components and offering add-ons such as carbide inserts, manufacturers can drastically increase the lifespan of their equipment.

Increased Productivity

By designing tablet presses with efficiency in mind, R&D improves the productivity of this machinery. Innovations in this area may involve reducing the number of components in a press, therefore lessening the amount of time it takes to clean and set up the press. Increased productivity, improved machine longevity, and reduced product loss all result in significant cost savings and a reduction in stress and frustration.

Innovative Research & Development at Fette Compacting

We are known for innovation, and we are continually seeking out ways to improve our products to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Innovation in the field of pharmaceutical engineering is vital, allowing for the efficient and accurate production of pharmaceuticals. One of our most significant areas of focus is the optimization of digital tools and software solutions for pharmaceutical production. This division, known as OSDi, is dedicated to fostering an interactive relationship between our design teams and our customers, enabling us to rapidly respond to customers’ needs and perspectives.

Additionally, throughout the decades, we have introduced numerous new pieces of technology as a result of our innovative R&D.

Examples include:

  • The F10i tablet press: A dust-tight, highly compatible solution that utilizes a proprietary SmartInterface program to enable remote monitoring.
  • The FE75 tablet press: A high-volume solution offering extreme output, direct compression and multi-layer capability, capable of putting out over 1.6 million pieces per hour.
  • Segmented Turret Technology: This technology eliminates individual dies and die lock screws, reducing the number of components that must be installed and thus dramatically improving changeover time.

Learn More About our R&D Support

At Fette Compacting America, we strive for continuous improvement to help our customers meet the demands of the pharmaceutical industry. Our commitment to innovation means that we are highly responsive to our customers’ needs and are always upgrading our products to be in line with the latest technological advances. To learn more about our tablet press R&D, contact us today.