Today’s modern tablet presses offer high degrees of precision and a wide range of advanced capabilities. Users may sometimes find it necessary to periodically re-calibrate these presses after lengthy use or as per internal protocols.

Press Calibrations

Some tablet press components will need to be re-calibrated on a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that pressed tablets stay within allowable tolerances. For example, amplifiers and load cells must be maintained to ensure the accuracy of key processes such as compression force or dosing station adjustments.

Presses and their sub-systems may require re-calibration for myriad reasons, such as:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • The press has been moved out of its compression room for maintenance or cleaning
  • Components may have been jostled, or tooling has become worn
  • Environmental factors that impact calibration (temperature, humidity, air pressure)

Different press users approach calibration in a variety of ways. There are no hard and fast protocols for re-calibrating equipment or timing for similar maintenance practices, which leaves re-calibration up to the discretion of the operator. As such, even the intervals at which calibration occurs might vary significantly from one operation to the next.

Some press users opt to calibrate on a schedule. These scheduled calibrations often occur annually or bi-annually. This is an excellent way to practice preventative maintenance and ensure that presses are always running at peak performance. For machines that experience heavy use, operators may wish to perform calibrations more frequently.

There are additional variables to scheduled calibrations beyond their frequency. One such variable encompasses the recalibration process itself—most notably, who performs it. While some users may elect to invest in the necessary equipment to carry out calibration procedures internally, most tablet manufacturers opt to have a professional perform the relevant procedures on-site at regularly scheduled intervals.

The trained and certified service engineers at Fette Compacting America can conduct calibration procedures on a variety of tablet presses, ensuring that equipment performs to its utmost ability.

Fette Compacting’s Press Calibration Services

At Fette Compacting, our experience with tablet presses has taught us the essential value of equipment calibration. When approaching re-calibration of your tablet press, consider the following factors:

  • Product quality. Successful calibration does not, in and of itself, guarantee a high-quality final product—but it does facilitate an efficient and accurate workflow.
  • Best judgement. It is the responsibility of each operator to determine what constitutes an acceptable product. The equipment owner must determine the impact their operation has on the equipment, define criteria for acceptable tablet specifications, and determine the best way to employ validated test equipment before an appropriate calibration schedule can be determined.
  • Benchmarking. Good calibration benchmarks a machine’s settings and performance, enhancing an organization’s ability to produce excellent products in a predictable manner.

Fette Compacting offers preventative maintenance contracts that include calibration services. Our service engineers fill out preventative maintenance checklists during each calibration to provide insight into machine health and performance.

For more information about our service offerings, please contact us at or at (973) 586-8722.