Fette Compacting has provided innovative and intuitive tableting solutions for over three decades. Our team is fully committed to ensuring customers receive the products and services they need to achieve success in their tableting applications. That’s why we’ve equipped our technical center with all of the resources and spaces required to handle all aspects of tablet press development, including lab trials, factory acceptance testing, product demonstrations, and more. 

tablet press lab demonstrations

Lab Trials

The Fette Compacting Technical Center houses four laboratories supervised by a full-time lab manager. The equipment held in these labs allow us to conduct the following operations: 

  • Fundamental experimentation
  • Compression testing
  • Sample production

Factory Acceptance Testing

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) refers to testing performed on equipment at the manufacturer’s facility before it is shipped to the customer to verify it meets all functionality and performance requirements as outlined by the manufacturer and approved by the customer or the customer’s representative. In addition to providing manufacturers and customers with an opportunity to determine whether the unit meets their needs or if there are any issues, FAT allows them to come together so they can test the limits of the current design and, if needed or desired, make changes to improve or expand upon functionality or performance. 

Our technical center is equipped with all of the machines and utilities we need to host factory acceptance testing operations. We offer a variety of FAT options, including three-day standard FAT or five-day advanced FAT for new machines and one-day FAT for reconditioned machines. In each case, we complete all of the necessary inspection, auditing, and testing requirements to establish functionality and performance. Additionally, our factory-trained service engineers work with customers to develop an understanding of how the unit works and how to use it effectively and efficiently. 

Product Demonstrations

In addition to laboratory facilities, our technical center has numerous spaces for product demonstrations, presentations, and consultations. We have two special rooms for wash-in-place presentations with the following equipment:

  • Deionized water provision equipment
  • Dust filtration system
  • Isolator for containment simulation
  • Air-conditioned pressing rooms with handling systems 

All of these areas allow us to show existing and potential customers our range of tablet press features and options, as well as what our tablet presses can do for their products. Whether we use their products or our placebos – their tooling or our tooling – our lab manager, Ty Bullock, can demonstrate various configurations to help customers determine which is best suited for improving, enhancing, and/or increasing their tableting operations.

Partner With Fette Compacting for Your Tableting Needs

Fette Compacting is a premier provider of tablet press equipment. If you require assistance finding the right equipment for tablet production operations, Fette Compacting has got you covered. Our experts will work with you to design and manufacture a tablet press that fully meets your needs. 

  • Our product demonstration, presentation, and consultation team members will help you identify the features and options that best suit your requirements. 
  • Our lab trial technicians will help you design and develop a unit that integrates these features and options. 
  • Our factory acceptance testing experts will help you ensure the finished press has all of the design elements you requested and performs as you expected. 

For additional information about our tableting solutions, contact us today. You can also email us at service@fetteamerica.com or give us a call at (973) 586-8722.