At Fette Compacting America, we offer lifetime efficiency programs to maintain the optimal performance of our machines throughout their service lives. These programs also allow our clients to expand and optimize their production of solid pharmaceutical products, increase product quality, and lower total equipment costs.

Every lifetime efficiency solution is customized to meet an individual facility’s machinery, production process, and personnel needs throughout each stage of the production cycle.


Fette Life Time Effi

Maintenance and Spare Parts Management

To maintain production operations and meet customer demand, industrial facilities must adequately maintain their machines. Otherwise, it can lead to machine failure and unscheduled downtime.

By taking advantage of our customized maintenance and spare parts management programs, clients can keep their Fette encapsulation machines and tablet presses in excellent working condition and minimize the risk of failure and downtime. For these individualized programs, we offer a number of customization options, such as preventative maintenance, remote support, and stock management.

All service packages provide access to our qualified representatives and field service engineers. Additionally, our team works closely with the client to tailor their solution to the specific needs of their facility, including machine usage and product requirements.

Some of the elements included in our service packages include:

Service Level Agreement

Our service level agreements (SLAs) offer a client a guarantee of minimal service disruption and downtime. Having operated and maintained over 5,000 machines across a broad range of applications, our team has the skills and knowledge to provide adequate maintenance for all of our client’s Fette brand equipment.

In addition to receiving customized maintenance services tailored to the facility’s machine fleet and production requirements, our clients benefit from access to discounted service rates.

Preventative Maintenance

By implementing regular servicing and maintenance operations, clients can prevent machine malfunctions before they occur and keep their machines in proper working order. In combining the inspection and calibration services provided by our SLAs with our preventative maintenance package, their facility receives thorough maintenance, JIT part replacement, and comprehensive equipment support.

Some of the advantages of investing in a preventative maintenance package include:

  • Minimized risk of unplanned downtime
  • Increased machine service life
  • Optimized working capital
  • Decreased delivery time for part replacement
  • Faster support

Remote Support

Our experienced representatives are always available to offer remote support for quick troubleshooting. This service provides efficient, cost-effective solutions for many machine problems, often within the first call.

Individuals can access our remote support services around the clock through the service hotline, WebEx, the Excellence United Service Portal, or Skype.

Maintenance & Stock Management

Our maintenance & stock management programs are crafted to minimize the amount of inventory space utilized (and the associated storage costs) while ensuring a facility remains stocked with the required equipment parts. Our team carefully analyzes client facilities and equipment to create a personalized list of necessary spare parts.

Additionally, every plan is backed up by a failure mode and effects critical analysis (FMECA), which weighs the likelihood of each part’s breakage with the severity of the breakage’s consequences. This information allows our clients to make more informed decisions about their spare parts warehousing and maintenance programs.

This package can be combined with our Customized Spares Package, Preventative Maintenance, and Maintenance Training packages to create a more comprehensive maintenance program.

Customized Spares Package

As part of our maintenance and stock management package, we can utilize the FMECA to develop a customized spares package for a machine or machine fleet. By using this analysis (or a customer’s knowledge of their machines), we can ensure that a client has a spare parts program tailored to their specific requirements and needs.

The advantages of this package include:

  • On-site parts storage (so service technicians can make the repairs quickly)
  • Minimized downtime
  • Efficient use of space and capital resources

Maintenance Training

To augment our preventative maintenance offerings, we provide modular maintenance training to customers. Each of our training units is built to specifically address a customer’s production environment and the skills of their team members and operators. With customized training, a client’s team can further reduce the risk of downtime and ensure that all machines are performing optimally through daily or weekly inspections, servicing, and calibrations.

The four-day user training program prepares individuals for a variety of maintenance and repair situations, attuned to each individual’s skill level and job requirements. The training is practical, fast, and comprehensive. Customers can also select lifetime-related training modules.

We offer two methods of choosing training courses for an individual customer:

  1. We can evaluate an individual through a Skill Test to recommend appropriate modules from our Customized Training Matrix. This process can be anonymous. If they select training services with the Fette Compacting Academy in Schwarzenbek, Germany, the test forms and results will be shared in the local subsidiary for evaluation purposes.
  2. The customer can independently select modules and packages from the Customized Training Matrix.

OEM Spares

Replacement parts and components need to perform just as reliably as the machine’s original components. At Fette, we partner with qualified OEM manufacturers to provide spare parts packages for virtually every machine, component, and process equipment. For our OEM parts, we guarantee reliable, efficient, and high-quality performance as well as greater wear resistance, productivity, and durability.

We offer three different OEM spare parts packages, each of which is supported by our fast delivery services, a spare parts warehouse with over 1,600 different parts, and expert logistics management support services. Other customization options include on-site installation by a Fette service technician, contracts with warranty extensions, and custom-tailored spare parts packages.

Modernization and Refurbishment

In competitive industrial environments, it’s often not enough to keep your current equipment in optimal condition. It’s just as essential to improve and modernize your machine fleet.

At Fette Compacting, our machines are capital investments due to their long service lives and their excellent capacity for modernization and refurbishment. By taking advantage of our modernization and refurbishment programs, clients can regularly improve and modernize their existing equipment to meet the latest production requirements and standards.


Our upgrades package provides new parts options for older equipment with components that are obsolete or no longer manufactured. Upgrades can also integrate new functionalities and smart updates in stock machinery.

These upgrades are designed to provide two key benefits: profitability and machine availability. Both small and large updates can radically improve productivity, uptimes, and equipment lifespan. Newer parts can also make machines more user-friendly and easier to service or calibrate.


Even high-quality machines can experience wear and fatigue over years of use. Our refurbishment programs can extend a facility’s machine fleet beyond its expected service life without compromising on high-quality performance.

The advantages of investing in a refurbishment package include:

  • Lower investment costs
  • Installation of newer technology
  • Overhaul of all mechanical parts
  • Extended service life
  • Shorter downtimes
  • Compliance with GMP, GAMP, and FDA standards
  • Customization capabilities

Machine Exchange

As production requirements change, existing equipment may no longer be needed or suitable. For these situations, we offer a machine exchange program that allows clients to trade in old or unnecessary working machines for new ones better suited for the updated production application. This program can also help optimize a facility’s capacity utilization and working capital.

Additional Resources

For additional information on our preventative maintenance, upgrade, and lifetime efficiency programs, you can explore the following resources:

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By supplementing your facility’s Fette Compacting encapsulation machines and tablet presses with our lifetime efficiency packages, you can increase the longevity of your machines and improve the quality of your products. Our available service packages include service level agreements, preventative maintenance, remote support, maintenance and stock management, customized spares, maintenance training, OEM spares, upgrades, refurbishments, and machine exchange.

To find out more about our lifetime efficiency programs or discuss the customized service options suitable for your company, contact us today.