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May Spare Parts Sale

TOOLBOXES for punches, segments, and dies

Although many tablet production processes are now fully automated, storing, transporting, and cleaning tableting tools still requires manual work. Unfortunately, the more often users have to touch the tools, the higher risk of damaging them, especially punches.

The first all-in-one solution, Fette Compacting’s toolbox covers all steps of the tool handling process in only one system. An ergonomic design considerably reduces the operating risk. Fewer handling steps allow for optimization of the production speed and quality. Punches and dies are stored in special trays, which can be directly placed in an ultrasonic bath. Furthermore, the tools no longer have to be inserted into separate tableting punch holders for cleaning.

*Sale prices valid through May 31, 2020 for U.S., Puerto Rico & Canada only.

Fette Toolboxes

Basic advantages of this TRI.EASY box system include:

  • Optimal transport
  • Optimal storage
  • Optimal cleaning

For more information, check out our latest video on Fette Compacting’s segment technology, and see our segment box in action!

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