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March Spare Parts Sale

Fill-O-Matic Paddle Wheels – Standard Bronze and Stainless Steel

When is the last time you inspected your paddle wheels?

For the entire month of March, Fette Compacting America will be discounting standard OEM paddle wheels. Often overlooked, paddle wheels are considered a major wear part. If worn, they can cause weight variations, or improper fill or feeder issues as they directly affect how your product is filled. If your paddles are worn as shown in the picture above, it’s time to replace them. (Inspection tool pictured above is available for purchase – call for pricing).

*Applies to standard bronze paddle wheels.

Part numbers:

  • 3501464
  • 3501465
  • 3501466

*Applies to standard stainless steel paddle wheels.

Part numbers:

  • 3504185
  • 3504186
  • 3504187

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