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November Overstock Sale

TSM19 RAISING CAMS for 3090/3200

It’s time for an overstock sale as the end of year nears us!  For the month of November, TSM19 steel raising cams for 3090/3200 machines (part #3116218) will be on sale.

Often overlooked as a common wear part because of the hardened steel, the raising cams on  your Fette Compacting tablet press are one of the most stressed cams on the machine. These cams lift the upper tools after the final compression and can become worn over time. Due to the hardening of the cams, any wear to the lifting profile can cause damage to the upper punch heads. They should be replaced when any wear is noted or on a standard PM cycle.

Take advantage of our overstock savings through November 30th!

Stock up on these important components today at sale prices – valid for North America, Canada & Puerto Rico customers through November 30th, 2019.



Steel raising cam TSM 19


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