F30iFette Compacting is the world’s leading provider of integrated industrial tablet production solutions. We specialize in the design and manufacture of high-performance machines for the pharmaceutical industry. While we already offer a wide range of products and services for tablet presses, we are continuously looking for ways to better serve our customers.

Our i-series tablet presses have long been recognized for their ultra-efficiency and flexibility. However, the new generation i series offers even better functionality and performance. For example, the F30i is a double rotary press that can achieve a maximum output of up to 1.6 million tablets per hour, which opens up even more possibilities for large-batch tablet production. Its novel features raise production efficiency to a new level. That’s why we call it “efficiency to the i.”

Below, we highlight just a few examples of what makes the F30i a superior solution for tablet production operations.

Innovative Design

The F30i is consistently dust-tight, which allows for improved operator protection, decreased product carryover, and reduced cleaning requirements.

New features of this next-generation i series press include:

  • Window flaps with double safety barrier systems
  • Optimized compression-zone access
  • 74% fewer interior surfaces to be cleaned
  • Tri.Easy Multi-flexible dust-tight tablet chute
  • RFID operator log-in
  • Full suite of bi-layer options, including high-speed first-layer sampling

We also offer a custom-tailored Containment Guard solution as needed, as required for moderate, dry-containment requirements (i.e. containment performance of 5µg/m³, or mid-range OEB 4).

Integrative Setup

The F30i offers inter-generational system compatibility, meaning that virtually all product-contact components are the same as those utilized on earlier, and current, i-series models. The result is a minimization of re-validation efforts, and the ability to retain compression efficacy. Those components that are different, such as the multi-flexible discharge chute, represent significant improvements over earlier versions.

Other Integrative features include:

  • Easy integration with state-of-the-art manufacturing execution systems (MES) and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, allowing pharmaceutical companies to embrace pharmaceutical production 4.0.
  • SmartInterface real-time machine monitoring; 24/7 access to data via mobile devices, including a key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard that allows for individual and simultaneous monitoring of various parameters.
  • Automatic detection of process equipment certified by Fette Compacting, via unified interface

Intuitive Handling

The F30i has an ultra-modern human-machine interface (HMI), including a 19” UltraVision screen. Its design makes controlling and monitoring the machine and any connected process equipment highly intuitive. It features self-explanatory pictograms and symbols to reduce user confusion and provides tactile feedback—by outputting a vibration and a sound when the operating keys are touched—to verify user input.

The inclusion of a Workflow Wizard supports the implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs), It ensuring they are implemented safely and correctly, at the machine.

Connected process equipment can be monitored and controlled via one terminal.

Intelligent Processes

The F30i boasts several Intelligent features, creating a more efficient, error-free manufacturing environment.

  • SmartInterface, as described above, allowing real-time access to full process documentation and production data through a secure intranet connection.
  • Optional integration of RFID technology on components such as turrets, fill cams and pneumatic rejection assemblies further increases process reliability and decreases the risk of errors. A contactless transceiver system allows for automatic identification of the process components so they can be compared to preset recipes.
  • Scales – mechanical settings that limit product loss and optimize reliability can be set exactly and saved to product recipes, facilitating reproducibility.
  • Pneumatic-loaded product scraper exerts constant force and utilizes two-axis adjustment, for optimization of product yields.

Next-Generation Tablet Press From Fette Compacting America

At Fette Compacting, we are committed to creating innovative and intuitive tablet compression equipment. We therefore proudly introduce the F30i. This next-generation machine has raised the bar for large-batch tablet production. To learn more about this press, contact us today.