For decades, the i Series tablet presses from Fette Compacting have represented the utmost in flexible and ultra-efficient tablet manufacturing. Fette Compacting has continued to innovate, introducing new i Series tablet equipment with more options for tablet manufacturers. The new i Series is digital-ready, clean, and system compatible. Offering dust-tight performance, the i Series connects to Pharmaceutical Production 4.0, part of the next generation in tablet production technology.

F20i: Maximum Flexibility and Efficiency

The F20i from Fette Compacting is the all-rounder of the next-generation i Series platform. Pmax® technology allows the tablet press to produce up to 475,000 tablets per hour, making it suitable for various batch volumes and products. The F20i’s optimized production flexibility comes from its innovative additions, including its new turret change system and tablet discharge system designed to simplify handling. The enhanced capabilities of the F20i make it the most efficient machine for its performance class.

Clean Production: From Dust-Tight to Containment

The prevalence of new pharmaceutical products that include highly active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) has put containment at the forefront of production. Dust-tight technology is becoming the new standard for pharmaceutical production machines, a trend that we expect to continue well into the future. The F20i features a dust-tight design, including in its most standard version. There is an optional Containment Guard package for applications where higher levels of containment are necessary.

System-Compatible Setup to IoT and MES

The i Series from Fette Compacting has been known for its cross-generational compatibility. The F20i continues to provide the compatibility users expect. The system assemblies in contact with the product are mostly unchanged from the previous i Series but feature new and innovative designs. With system integration, the F20i can integrate seamlessly with existing tablet production environments. The F20i features connectivity with state-of-the-art production environments, including Pharmaceutical Production 4.0.

System and Process Compatibility of the New i Generation

The next generation of i Series tablet presses is designed and manufactured in compliance with system and process compatibility. We use a system-compatible design to simplify machine qualification and validation, and all process-related assemblies on the new i Series are identical to the previous generation.

Easy Handling With Tactile HMI and Wizard

The i Series features an advanced human-machine interface (HMI), giving users tactile feedback as they perform intuitive monitoring, control, and documentation of process equipment and the tablet press machine. The workflow operation wizard is a workflow assistant that provides software-level support and implementation without error under standard operating procedures (SOPs). The F20i also offers intuitive and simple cleaning attributes.

Optimized Processes With SmartInterface and RFID

The SmartInterface in Fette Compacting tablet presses provides a path to the future with intelligent production. SmartInterface is a server-based application that allows users to supervise the machine’s production in real-time using a mobile app. It also provides batch logs on demand. The F20i also offers RFID options to eliminate setup errors and improve process reliability.

F20i Containment Is Perfect for Active Substances and Medium-sized Batches

To prioritize operator safety and protection, tableting must be mostly automated. The tablet press must compress efficiently and safely, and in cases where highly active substances are to be compressed, this can only be achieved with proper containment.

The new i Series from Fette Compacting offers fully automated tablet compression. The machine’s design prioritizes worker safety with:

  • The optional Containment Guard package: When using the optional Containment Guard package, materials are continuously contained from the filling process to tablet discharge.
  • Manual access: When the machine is stopped, operators can use the glove ports in each window flap to access the machine from every side without compromising or breaching containment.

We optimized our containment system to provide the highest safety and operational efficiency. Our i Series machines have a safety control system to monitor the safety of the machine’s window flaps and glove ports. Equipped with a Rapid Transfer Port (RTP), the machine allows for the installation or removal of small components such as punches and tools, again without breaching containment. This design features practically eliminate the potential risks for operators.

The F20i From Fette Compacting

Fette Compacting consulted with real-world clients while developing the new i Generation, in order to strike the best balance between those features that are integral to efficient, repeatable tableting, and features or processes which left room for improvement. With our new generation of machines, the components that typically affect validation remain nearly identical, minimizing the potential for creating unnecessary costs and labor. The new i Series machines are poised to uphold the traditions that have made them the best-selling tablet presses of the modern age.

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