F10iFette Compacting has long been a premier supplier of reliable and efficient tablet manufacturing equipment. Our i Series has become an industry standard for superior pharmaceutical production. Thanks to upgraded, state-of-the-art technology, our new F10i model is dust-proof, highly compatible with existing systems, and digital-ready. The F10i represents the next generation of high-tech tablet production.


At Fette Compacting, we know that technology advances quickly and it may not always be possible to do a complete system overhaul in order to remain competitive. That’s why we strive to provide the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector with solutions that integrate into existing processes.

Cross-Generational System Compatibility

We have given the F10i cross-generational system compatibility, ensuring that users gain the benefits of the latest in tablet manufacturing technology without having to discard their existing equipment. Despite its innovative design, we have retained most product-contact components and ensured that they can be easily integrated into existing production lines. The F10i’s digital connectivity allows for technological enhancement of the system up to “Pharmaceutical Production 4.0”.

Smart Interface

Fette has added a proprietary SmartInterface program, which allows users to monitor production equipment from anywhere via their mobile device. The program offers a uniform Human Machine Interface (HMI) with easy-to-use monitoring of key process parameters and conditions. Real-time monitoring allows users to make key processing decisions without having to be next to the machine, thus ensuring optimal efficiency.


Our F10i features numerous innovative technologies to improve the overall operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Containment Guard

Our state-of-the art Containment Guard package provides a dust-tight containment solution for those seeking to protect operators from exposure to highly-active substances. The F10i utilizes 50% fewer shrouding parts, resulting in 70% fewer surfaces to be cleaned. This enhanced containment system ensures significantly reduced labor costs and maximal equipment availability.

RFID Operator Login

The F10i system includes advanced RFID technology, which lets users quickly and easily access the machine for faster adjustments, with enhanced security.

Tri.Easy Tablet Chute

Our Tri.Easy tablet chute is dust-tight and highly customizable. Its multi-flex design makes it perfect for anything from mini-tabs to effervescent tablets. Fail-safe technologies ensure good and rejected tablets go only where they are supposed to.

Compact Design

The F10i is compact and mobile, with an integrated switching cabinet to ensure it takes up as little space as possible in the production facility.


The F10i has been specifically engineered for ease of use. We have equipped this newest model with intuitive features for easier production control, maintenance, and system interfacing.

Fast and Easy Cleaning

We have enhanced the F10i with dust-tight connecting elements as well as fail-safe disassembly and reassembly so that users can quickly and efficiently clean the equipment between batches. This significantly reduces cleaning and maintenance time and effort while improving overall efficiency.

HMI Software with Operating Support

Our advanced HMI offers highly intuitive equipment control through a tactile feedback terminal, allowing for simple manipulation and monitoring of equipment processes. A workflow operation wizard offers additional software support for the implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Integrated Assistance Systems

The F10i offers integrated assistance systems to guide users throughout the equipment operation process. Our safety-oriented track drive system features e-drives and end-position damping, to ensure reliable operations and further reduce the risk of damage due to human error.


Fette’s SmartInterface system unifies process equipment via an Ethernet connection, thereby allowing real-time monitoring of the production equipment from anywhere. Our state-of-the-art equipment significantly enhances productivity and efficiency.

Real-Time Access

Real-time access allows for immediate analysis of the production process, thereby increasing overall efficiency. Stored data can also be analyzed to identify areas for improvement and facilitate streamlined process management.

Location Independent Monitoring

Managers and operators do not have to be in the facility to monitor and plan production. Data is securely available from anywhere there is an internet connection.

24/7 Access

24/7 access to real-time monitoring, data, and equipment documentation is available via mobile devices, which allows for immediate monitoring and analysis at all hours, thereby increasing productivity and reducing potential downtime. This also provides reliable monitoring capabilities for lights-out operations.

Process and Production Reliability

Fette Compacting’s advanced technology allows for ongoing monitoring of various aspects of production through automatic detection. Our user-friendly interface allows for quick and accurate adjustments, and reproducible settings can be saved for all products. These settings are monitored and saved to ensure correct setup and part installation.

Fette Compacting Solutions

Fette Compacting is dedicated to providing superior tablet compression technology while maintaining the overall functionality of our equipment and processes. Our new generation i Series is the result of intensive collaboration with our customers to ensure we are providing innovative upgrades without altering key, valued-based features.

To learn more about Fette Compacting and the F10i tablet press, contact our team today.