Our team at Fette Compacting and the team from Gamlen, our British cooperation partner, have worked together to bring our clients a powder compaction analyzing unit (PCA unit) built for easy and reliable performance. Learn more about how our new F Lab Series Compaction Analyzer can serve as a troubleshooting tool for tablet development, predict variability across powders, and ensure tighter quality control throughout production.

The Trouble With Untested Tablet Compaction

The contents of tablets for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries must be precisely handled. Not only do the compounds require exact measuring and treatment, but they also require consistent compaction processes to deliver identical tablets in every bottle. Manufacturers achieve compaction through multiple different stages, such as pre-compression and the main compression stage, but the ejection force as each tablet leaves the compaction equipment can also affect the final product. Variation can lead to broken tablets, unpredictable effects, and poor brand confidence.

In new formulations under development, testing and refining compaction processes are even more vital. In-progress formulas may introduce too much brittleness, or the adhesive properties of the chemicals may lead to debris, process failure, and spotty production. Testing is essential to refine formulas and reduce costs.

The Importance of Powder Compaction Analyzing Units (PCA Units)

Powder compaction analyzing units can provide manufacturers and product developers with clear insights into the characteristics of powder formulas and the effects of compression on the formulas. Users can quickly test different material options, compression levels, and production techniques to find the most economical methods and parameters that lead to the fewest errors. Utilization of an F Lab compaction analyzer can lead to these benefits:

  • Reduced material costs by allowing for more efficient testing and fewer full-scale production runs with suboptimal material formulations
  • Faster time-to-market with a streamlined development and testing process—without sacrificing product quality
  • Easier troubleshooting processes that deliver more insights and lead to faster resolution

Capabilities of Our F Lab Compaction Analyzer, Built With Gamlen

Fette Compacting, alongside Gamlen, is distributing cutting-edge PCA units to clients who want a faster, improved analysis solution. Our F Lab Series Compaction Analyzer has enhanced testing capabilities and fits into any laboratory or production operation. This unit offers:

  • Rapid-testing capabilities for testing individual ingredients, formulations, and compression: Testing requires small, economical samples compared to other testing units.
  • Cutting-edge software for complete compression analysis: The analytics are automated and provide clear insights.
  • User-friendly: Easy-to-use hardware and software for easy adoption into your organization’s workflow.
  • Compact design: A small physical footprint so it can fit into tight spaces
  • Two versions based on volume requirements:
    • F Lab 5: A PCA unit with an operating load of 500 kilograms
    • F Lab 10: A PCA unit with an operating load of 1,000 kilograms

Order an F Lab Compaction Analyzer and Other Tablet Compaction Equipment From Fette Compacting

Tablet manufacturers and pharmaceutical developers can easily refine their formulas for economical materials and ideal product formulation, zeroing in on the right materials without extending the time-to-market. At Fette Compacting, we offer our clients fast access to high-quality compression equipment, compaction analysis (Gamlen) machines, analysis tools, and more. For over 20 years, our Fette Compacting America team has been distributing and supporting equipment across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Contact us today to learn more about the F Lab Compaction Analyzer or to request a quote to purchase your unit.