Fette Compacting is a global leader in pharmaceutical equipment, specializing in tablet presses that provide critical efficiency and pinpoint accuracy. Our lines of cutting-edge tablet presses include:

  • The FE Series. As our flagship press models, FE Series presses feature our most advanced technologies to maximize machine availability and minimize product changeover times.
  • The i Series. Our i Series presses have a global reputation as durable workhorses for precise mono- and bi-layer tablet manufacturing.
  • The P Series. P Series presses adhere to Fette Compacting’s rigorous quality standards, packing renowned, precision technology into an affordable model.

Whether your facility produces drug products, food supplements, or other tablets entirely, there’s a Fette Compacting press that can streamline your process and lower production costs.

FE Series

From their innovative filling systems to their premium, polymer exterior construction, every element of our FE Series presses is engineered to maximize efficiency. Featuring our renowned TRI.EASY design philosophy, these machines offer simplified, optimized operation at the highest performance levels. All three FE models also share novel features such as internal tablet discharge for uninterrupted production and dedicated tablet rejection, as well as showcasing Fette Compacting’s paradigm-changing segmented turret technology.

Within the FE Series, we offer the following models, each tailored to specific industry needs:

  • The FE35. Ideal for small-batch or frequent-changeover tableting, the FE35 features the shortest product changeover times in its class. Replacing the FE35’s turrets is a completely tool-less process involving just 12 components, so operators can execute seamless changeovers in minutes. Plug-and-play connections for process equipment and streamlined dust extraction components decrease turnaround even further. Given its flexible operation, rapid changeovers, and efficient output, the FE35 represents an investment in agility, ensuring that your facility can endure shifting industry demands.
  • The FE55. Quite possibly the most versatile press available today, the FE55 is high-powered and highly efficient while boasting the ability to handle over 90% of common tablet forms. As one of our premier tablet presses, the FE55 can handle the toughest jobs with unflagging efficiency. These results are due in part to the FE55’s unique ratio of punch stations to footprint, with up to 87 punch stations per 1.6 m² depending on the configuration. It also offers a purpose-built suite of bi-layer functions, with unprecedented first-layer sampling times and overall bi-layer yields.
  • The FE75. The FE75 is the highest-capacity tablet press in our premier product line, and its capabilities can stretch to 1.6 million tablets per hour when equipped with a 115-punch, Pmax turret. This exceptional capacity requires a floor space of only 2 m², making the FE75 an ideal choice for facilities balancing space constraints with high-volume production demands. In addition to its expansive ability to compress typical mono- and bi-layer tablets the FE75 can also be configured in an optimized direct-compression mode, utilizing all four compression stations for each cycle, thereby maximizing dwell time for difficult products.

If uncompromising quality and efficiency are your main priorities, there’s no better choice than a machine from Fette Compacting’s FE Series.

i Series

The i Series represents – without question – the most successful family of presses offered in the last thirty years. They are available in single- and double-rotary designs with interchangeable turrets, and they are compatible with single- and double-layer tablets. The 3090i, released in 1991, was the first tablet press to ever showcase a commercially viable removable turret.

The i-Series is currently moving through a transformational phase, with models such as the F10i and F30i leveraging the successful designs of, but gradually replacing, incredibly popular models such as the 3090i and 3200i, as well as the 2090i and 2200i. Of great importance is the fact that there is a major degree of cross-generational compatibility between the two generations of the i Series. This greatly facilitates validation efforts for those companies owning both.

While each of the i-Series models, from both the legacy and new line-ups, have always represented the perfect marriage between tank-like strength and surgical precision, the newest models rest on four principal design attributes: they are Innovative, Integrative, Intuitive, and Intelligent. Each can make use of the new SmartInterface option, which allows for real-time monitoring and production insights from any mobile phone, tablet or laptop. SmartInterface allows users to easily access critical production data from anywhere, at any time.

The i Series currently includes the following models:

  • The F10i (new). Digital-ready and dust-tight as standard, the new F10i is also available with the Containment Guard option, making it suitable for moderate dry-containment requirements (i.e. containment performance of 5µg/m³, or mid-range OEB 4). Ideally suited for small- to medium-sized batches, the press makes extensive use of RFID technology, Scales, and a highly intuitive user interface for process security and repeatability.
  • The F30i (new). Boasting the same suite of novel technologies as the F10i, the F30i is more ideally suited to large-scale batches and adds powerful double-layer features to its arsenal. Capable of producing up to 1.6 million tablets per hour, the press and its features introduce the user to “Pharmaceutical Production 4.0”.
  • The 2090i. Arguably the best-selling single-sided tablet press, ever. A flexible and versatile single-sided rotary press with easily interchangeable turrets and die table packages. The 2090i features a maximum output of 475,200 tablets per hour with easy changeover.
  • The 2200i. Intended as a more economical alternative to the 2090i, its core features are nearly identical, with additional options offered on an “a la carte” principle.
  • The 3090i. The press that revolutionized fast changeovers. Thousands validated and installed worldwide. Output of up to 1.6 million tablets per hour, excellent double-layer performance, and incredibly robust.
  • The 3200i. Intended as a more economical alternative to the 3090i, its core features are nearly identical, with additional options offered on an “a la carte” principle.

The team at Fette Compacting can help you determine which specific i-Series tablet press best suits your facility’s needs.

P Series

Fette Compacting’s P Series was conceptualized as an affordable entry point into efficient, precise tablet compression. All three P Series presses adhere to Fette Compacting’s legendary quality, safety, and efficiency standards, guaranteeing flexible production with quick changeover and intuitive operation.

Although the P Series models do not offer each and every option available on the FE- and i-series presses, their capacities are very similar, their abilities to compress high-quality tablets are identical, and they all promise to improve efficiency and profitability. Specific models include:

  • The P1010. The P1010 is compact and space-saving. It is an excellent choice for small batches, producing over 230,000 tablets per hour despite its minimal space requirements.
  • The P2020. This versatile press features rapid changeovers and is ideally suited for efficient production of medium batch sizes of up to 2 million tablets per hour. It has inherited all of the historical core benefits of models such as the 2090i and P2200, which are installed, validated and running the world over.
  • The P3030. This model has the largest capacity of any P-Series press, accommodating large production volumes of both mono-layer and bi-layer tablets, with a maximum output of over 1 million tablets per hour. The P3030 achieves all this without sacrificing the P Series’ emphasis on maximum ROI.

With Fette Compacting’s P Series, you can be sure that you’re receiving the absolute best price-to-performance ratio available in today’s tablet press market.

Galenics / R&D

F Lab Series: First understand, then produce.

Quality by Design principles (QbD) state that high quality products are only achieved through understanding both, your material and process. In this context, it is crucial to precisely understand the compaction properties of all materials even before production. The F Lab 5 and F Lab 10 have been designed and developed to achieve this, allowing you to fully characterize the compaction behavior of your powder.

The F Lab 5 and F Lab 10 will provide data that will benefit you throughout the product life cycle, from development to quality control through ongoing manufacturing.

Everything at a glance. Fast and easy.

With the dashboard analysis software on the respective laptop or PC, data from all instruments is automatically collected, giving you a full overview of powder properties in just 30 minutes.

Alternatively, you can use the F Lab 5 or F Lab 10 in combination with your existing measuring instruments.

Fette Compacting's International Reputation for Excellence

Fette Compacting is the world’s market leader for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industry tablet presses, and our diverse client base benefits from our ability to combine cutting-edge technology with intuitive equipment design. The result ensures Fette Compacting’s machines represent the top choice for workhorse reliability and premium precision. To learn more about how our equipment can increase your facility’s production rate and product quality, contact one of our international teams today.