Introducing Fette Compacting’s Latest Capsule-Filling Machine: FEC 20The Fette Compacting team is always in search of ways to extend our product family. That’s why we’re proud to offer our clients the FEC 20—our newest innovative capsule-filling machine for medium-sized batches of up to 200,000 capsules per hour.

The FEC 20 is the most effective capsule-filling machine in its class. It boasts three traits that position it at the forefront:

  • Fast product change
  • Intuitive operation
  • Total control over all process steps

What’s New

Smaller Footprint and Customizable Configurations

The FEC 20 offers a more compact footprint than its predecessors. At just 1.6 square meters, the machine’s footprint still allows for a range of customizations based on client requirements. For example, users may select between a tamping pin station and up to three pellet stations.


Thanks to an ultra-modern, servo- and torque-based drive concept, the FEC 20 also leverages the power of intuitive operation. Tamping pin stations are auto-equipped with patented removal systems. Our team also has adapted and further developed the technical concepts first developed on the higher-capacity FEC 40.

Architecturally and Aesthetically Sound

We built recipe-driven controls architecture directly into the FEC 20. And, with a new 19 in. touchscreen HMI, users always have easy access to the controls they need.



Ease of Use

One of the primary strengths of the FEC 20 lies in its ultimate ease of use. This is thanks to several factors:

The User Interface

The FEC 20’s user interface is designed to offer total control of the system, allowing a user to view a graphical overview of system process and quality parameters. We applied the same tried-and-true logic that we rely on to create our FE series tablet presses.

This user interface includes the FEC 20’s HMI, which features interactive user instructions. Users can specify standard operating procedures, access step-by-step graphic representations of workflows and call upon around-the-clock support.

The Database

The FEC 20 continuously measures the fill-level of every capsule and product container during production. The system then visualizes that same data for the user. The system’s database, as a whole, contains every formulation and user process parameter. The FEC 20 automatically and immediately examines each entry to ensure consistency.

Every batch made with the FEC 20 is monitored, logged, and saved in full. Users also have the freedom to evaluate each individual production step (via an event log) upon the conclusion of the production process. Extensive rights management capabilities enable certain functions to be assigned to users, thereby further ensuring system integrity and security.

Optimized for User-Friendliness

Users reap the benefits of the system’s design when they interact with the tamping pin and pellet stations. An ergonomic patented assembly system allows for stations to be removed, dismantled, and cleaned outside of the machine.

Additionally, our tried-and-tested TRI.EASY design provides 360° access to the FEC 20’s interior. This ensures operators have access to all stations for optimal cleaning via window flaps.

Increased Process Control

Several attributes allow for increased control by the user over the capsule-filling process—all of these improvements also increase efficiency.

Servo and Torque Motors

Thanks to the use of both servo and torque motors, FEC 20 users can easily de-couple previously linked process steps. Steps also can be adjusted independently, whereas with prior machinery it relied upon mechanical coupling to control linked assemblies. The FEC20 permits users a far greater degree of control over individual process steps, to improve quality and output per time unit.

Patented Tamping Pin Station

The FEC 20’s patented tamping pin station assembly system allows users to alter dosing methods, products, and batches in minimal time.


Whether you’re making the switch from an FEC 40 or buying your first Fette Compacting product, you can leverage:

The ability to work with powder or pellets:

  • Select between tamping pin and pellet stations, or install a combination of both
  • Quick changeover system means stations can be swapped without difficulty or loss of productivity

Multiple interchangeable configurations

  • Tamping pin station and/or up to three pellet stations

Complementing features of the FEC 40 and FEC 20

  • Both rely on a large number of identical format parts
  • Product transfers between machines are simple
  • Repairs and maintenance are easy and cost-effective

Fette Compacting Solutions

At Fette Compacting America, we’re proud to serve as the leading supplier of tablet press equipment for nutritional and pharmaceutical applications. Our latest line of capsule fillers is now available to our North American pharmaceutical clients. We’d like to add your organization to that list.

To learn more about Fette Compacting and the FEC 20 series of capsule filling technology, contact our team for more information.