Fette Compacting America offers a wide range of Factory Acceptance Testing options.

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New Machines

For new machines, there is the option for a 3-day Standard FAT or 5-day Advanced FAT which can be conducted here at our Rockaway, New Jersey facility. Your new Fette tablet press will be set-up in one of our spacious labs with all the required utilities provided, as well as, the requisite testing protocol and placebo.

Once the FAT has concluded, your press will be cleaned, packed, and shipped to your facility. This not only provides you with the opportunity to review your machine before you install it, but it provides an ideal opportunity for you to connect with our experts to see what else your machine may be capable of and the wide range of options and technology that may be beneficial to your operation.

Reconditioned Machines

A one-day Factory Acceptance Test is also available for any Reconditioned Tablet Press purchased from Fette Compacting America as well. A comprehensive testing protocol will establish the machine’s basic functionality and one of our factory-trained Service Engineers will work with you to show you the machine features and advantages.