For any tablet manufacturer, it is critical to keep the tablet press operating at optimal performance with as little downtime as possible. Not only does it make your operation efficient, but it also gives you an advantage over your competition.

Fette Compacting America is a top OEM provider for clients throughout North America. This post will discuss why customers continue to choose us again and again as their spare parts provider as opposed to non-OEM alternatives.


Only OEM parts can guarantee that your machines are operating in a reliable, high-quality, and efficient manner. Efficiency is a continuous process involving cooperation from the supplier and end user, which requires quality parts. Non-OEM parts can be qualitatively different, leading to higher wear, lower productivity, and machine damage. Due to their reliability, OEM parts reduce the risk of unexpected downtime, which could cost you money through lost productivity.


Many parts that are required for service or maintenance by a Fette Compacting service technician are available on-site. We offer quick support without the consideration of partial deliveries and delivery times. Production and design is handled on-demand per original production data and custom-made products. Fette Compacting gives our customers access to technical and design improvements, in addition to comprehensive documentation—this is key to your company’s success. Having the correct material available at the right time is important for production, especially in high-performance applications.


Our fast delivery is supported by a separate warehouse containing spare parts, which is constantly optimized to our customers’ requirements. Our warehouse has more than 1,600 different items that are specially reserved for supplying you with spare parts for your tablet press. Our global logistics network is based in Schwarzenbek, Germany, with subsidiaries located worldwide.


Fette Compacting uses factory-trained service technicians for all of our on-site installation services. Our field service engineers have double qualifications in addition to our obligatory training. Our individual service contracts come with attractive benefits, including warranty extensions.

We have tailored spare parts packages that are based on the needs of your specific machines and determined following an optional consultation with the customer. Our preventative maintenance procedures allow us to replace certain wear parts as a standard part of our service, delivering them to you before you experience poor compression results or parts failure.

Contact Us for Exceptional OEM Solutions

Fette Compacting is a technology leader, and as such we consistently rely on an OEM strategy for supplying you with spare parts for all your machines, components, and process equipment. For every machine we service, we provide spare parts for components that are exposed to wear, or can be removed at random when slightly worn.

We also offer standardized spare parts packages that we tailor to your specific needs through an optional consultation. Our global customer support includes 24-hour emergency help with our engineers—so we are there for you whenever you need to get in touch, even if it’s outside of normal business hours.

Fette Compacting has locations across the world, with subsidiaries in 11 countries including China, England, Brazil, India and America. Our decades of experience in tablet manufacturing help ensure your machines and processes perform at the highest level possible.

To learn more about our services and spare parts, contact us today.

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