When it comes to spare parts, there are myriad reasons why Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are the preferred choice over alternatives from aftermarket manufacturers. If you’re looking for a proven way to ensure the longevity of your tablet press or other equipment, here are a few things to consider.

The Whole is the Sum of its Parts

When it comes to outfitting your tablet press, the classic expression “the whole is the sum of its parts” is truer than ever. Modern tablet presses are the result of expert engineering and manufacturing, and require ongoing care and maintenance to function at an optimal level.

One of the best ways to maintain a tablet press is to use spare parts that are of the same high quality as the machine. While this may not seem particularly cost-effective up front, it can actually lead to a greater ROI long-term. Our data proves that OEM parts reliably increase product quality and machine efficiency.


Machine shops and aftermarket manufacturers can offer a great deal of expertise, but the simple fact is that they aren’t working off of original drawings. Regardless of their skills, they likely won’t be using materials of comparable quality. This is especially important for product contact parts. Furthermore, at times the aftermarket provider’s only option is to reverse-engineer a worn part – not a good solution on a high-precision press. All of this will generally lead to an aftermarket component that rarely functions at optimal capacity.

The only way to guarantee the efficiency of your tablet press is to use OEM parts, designed by the experts who know your machine best. These parts are sure to truly optimize long-term performance.


Tablet presses are complex and expensive, and it can be stressful to maintain them throughout years of operation. One of the major benefits of utilizing OEM parts is that you don’t need to be a tablet press expert. Instead, the original manufacturer will be able to choose all the parts you’ll need, which saves you both time and hassle.

Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are significantly more complicated. There are often hundreds of options to choose from— very few of which are specifically designed for your machine. This can be particularly challenging if you aren’t already an expert on your specific tablet press, as it will not be easy to wade through all the options to find the best choice. OEM parts provide the simplest, time-saving way to find what you need without stress or worry.

Peace of Mind

When users choose aftermarket parts, it is often because they believe the more affordable choice will be the better one. While the initial investment for OEM parts may be higher up front, the peace of mind they offer is priceless. OEM parts don’t just provide long-term savings—they also come with additional support to make the maintenance process as easy as possible. Some of the unique benefits of shopping with the OEM include:

Installation by factory-trained service technicians
Warranty extensions
Preventative maintenance procedures
All of these benefits ensure the longevity and efficiency of the OEM parts you invest in, which means that you don’t need to worry about whether you’re making the right choice. At Fette Compacting, we believe our responsibility to our customers doesn’t end after we make the sale. When a product carries the Fette Compacting name, it should continue to excel even after it has left our hands.

Aftermarket suppliers, on the other hand, can’t promise this same dedication. They have no reason to prioritize the long-term efficacy of your tablet press, and are therefore less likely to provide comprehensive service. In contrast, your OEM is the subject matter expert (SME) and will provide you with specialized support through every step of the maintenance process.

Contact Fette for Exceptional OEM Solutions

At Fette Compacting, we believe in the value of supplying high-quality OEM parts to all of our customers. We provide spare parts for all the machinery, components, and process equipment that we service. Additionally, we predict which components will be exposed to the most wear and make sure to provide spare parts so that your machines can continue functioning without wearing down.

If you choose to take part in our optional consultation, we offer a spare parts package tailored to meet your specific needs. We also provide 24-hour global customer support, so we’ll be there for you any time you need to get in touch. To learn more about our services and spare parts, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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