Upgrade Your Tablet Press for Efficiency

With regular maintenance, tablet presses can last for many years. However, it’s still essential to modernize your equipment when upgrades become available. If you’re looking to improve your factory’s efficiency or if you frequently battle press-based issues with things like “sticking” it may be time to consider an upgrade.

In this post, we explore some of the most prevalent warning signs that indicate when your tablet press is due for an upgrade, as well as some of the best ways to go about upgrading.

When to Consider an Upgrade

If your Fette tablet press is often out of service due to unplanned downtime, it may be time to consider upgrading your equipment. Modernizing your tablet press can increase your plant’s profitability and maximize press utilization. Additional benefits of regular upgrades include:

  • Reduction of user error
  • Decreased maintenance delays
  • Improving the quality of your product
  • Reducing waste / improving yields

Fortunately Fette Compacting offers many different upgrade options for tablet presses, which allow facilities to overhaul their equipment without incurring excessive costs.

Die Table and Tooling Options

Many upgrades can offer solutions to common problems that occur during the manufacturing of tablets. For example, if you often encounter issues with product sticking to your tooling, especially when manufacturing tablets with high sugar content, it may be beneficial to upgrade to a tool with smoother surfaces and fewer rough edges. Furthermore, upgrading with segmented technology can dramatically reduce changeover and setup time, while increasing your output.

Implementing air reject upgrades represents a way to improve quality control. These devices are triggered by compression force monitoring, and will automatically reject individual tablets that do not meet specifications. The result is a higher degree of overall accuracy, and improved yield.

Fette Compacting’s Pmax turrets represent an attractive option for easily increasing output, even to the point of rivaling multi-tipped tooling. The Pmax turret offers a distinct advantage over multi-tipped tools in that it allows the user to retain the advantages of single-tablet rejection.

In-Process Control Options

Fette Compacting offers several tools to check finished tablet quality after compression. Two such examples are the Checkmaster and AutoTest systems, both of which automatically perform measurements of weight, thickness, diameter and hardness. Feedback loops can be enabled with the tablet press, ultimately improving process security.

Fette Operator User interface

Options exist for improving the intuitiveness of the operator interface terminal. HMIs can be enhanced by upgrading with Microsoft Windows-based embedded operating systems. This includes Microsoft Visual programs that simplify operations by providing a central user management interface, as well as automatically documenting product and batch activities.

Rebuilding Versus Upgrading

Some facilities choose to rebuild tablet presses instead of upgrading them. All Fette presses rebuilt by Fette Compacting are completely analyzed, disassembled, cleaned, refurbished, and repaired, utilizing OEM parts and procedures.

A factory re-build does not necessarily enhance functionality; it merely returns your machine to its original condition. An upgrade, on the other hand, often includes the replacement of obsolete components , thereby extending the life of your machine.

Benefits of Upgrades

Upgrading your tablet press comes with a diverse range of benefits. In general, upgrades will:

  • Improve press efficiency
  • Reduce waste
  • Facilitate press cleaning
  • Improve tablet rejection accuracy
  • Increase yields

If you seek to run a state-of-the-art facility that can achieve 99% yields, you may wish to seriously consider an upgrade.

In cases where it is impossible to change your tablet formulation upgrading your press can, as an example, reduce tablet capping (a phenomenon where entrapped air causes a finished tablet to split into two halves). Any upgrade that facilitates press cleaning will result in much shorter changeover and cleaning times.

Preventing contamination is also vitally important because doing so ensures your end product’s safety. Any upgrade that reduces the risk of product migrating into unwanted areas within the compression zone will make your process less susceptible to cross-contamination.

Learn More About Fette Compacting’s Tablet Press Upgrade Capabilities

Upgrading your tablet press will improve efficiency and tablet yield, which is important for any manufacturer who wishes to remain competitive in today’s business climate.

Fette Compacting is a global company that creates state-of-the-art tablet manufacturing machinery, as well as parts and upgrades for existing tablet presses. If you’re seeking new ways to improve your plant’s tablet pressing capabilities, there’s no better place to look.

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