Introducing New Digital Solutions for Tablet and Capsule Production

Swift conversion, cross-machine control, and reliable remote maintenance: in exceptional times such as the Corona-Crisis, it becomes apparent just how fast and comprehensively pharmaceutical manufacturers need to react to changing production conditions. Demand and availability can change at any time. Digital tools can more efficiently organize such requirements for agility.


Getting the Best ROI Out of Your Tooling

Although tooling represents a substantial investment for tablet manufacturers, the importance of proper tooling maintenance is often underestimated. Excessive tooling wear from inadequate maintenance can lead to tablet quality issues, including sticking, capping, and discoloration before or after production.

Fortunately, many of these issues are preventable by training machine operators to regularly perform restorative procedures aimed at maintaining tooling quality. Implementing a polishing and refurbishing routine is an effective and inexpensive way to ensure high-quality tablet yields, reduce production-related costs, and maximize the ROI potential on your tooling investment. Proper maintenance has the potential to extend tooling life by as much as 80%.


Virtual Reality: Making Training More Efficient and Entertaining at Fette Compacting

Without proper training, industrial facility owners and managers risk higher production errors and lower productivity, resulting in significant loss of time and money. However, administering an adequate training program to the necessary personnel takes substantial resources, affecting the productivity rates of both employees and equipment.

At Fette Compacting, we understand this double-edged sword and have made it our mission to reduce the financial impact of training your team. The solution? Virtual reality.

By using virtual reality (VR) technology for training operations, employees can receive a thorough education without tying up the machine and blocking production. Additionally, they can complete the courses at a time that works for them and may be more driven to do it. We’ve made it exciting and enjoyable, complete with gaming elements for added challenge and incentive.


Frequently Asked Questions

Fette tablet presses facilitate the automation and standardization of your processing line. Do you have a question about how to operate the machine properly? Are you encountering an issue with your press? Read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below for helpful answers and advice.