HCP coatingTableting equipment is used to manufacture a variety of products, ranging from candy to cosmetics and household cleaners to pharmaceuticals. However, producing high-quality products necessitates selecting and using the right tooling, including with regard to punch head shape, size, and material. In operations where the compressed material is abrasive, corrosive, sticky, or otherwise difficult to handle, the application of a specialized coating to the punch tip can help extend tooling life and/or ensure quality tablet production by serving as a barrier between the tooling and the troublesome product material.

The following article discusses the punch tip coating options available at Fette Compacting and the typical applications for each coating to help customers make better-informed decisions when selecting and sourcing tooling for their tableting operations. 

Punch Tip Coating Options at Fette Compacting

The experts at Fette Compacting offer five punch tip coating options to address different customer challenges: 

  • Hard chrome plating (FCG-HCP). Hard chrome plating coatings improve the corrosion and wear resistance of the tooling and reduce the effect of product friction and adhesion on the tooling. 
  • PVDchrome (FCG-PCR). PVD chrome coatings offer greater wear resistance and better adhesion properties (i.e. products are less likely to stick to the surface) than FSG-HCP coatings and good corrosion resistance. 
  • Chrome nitride (FCG-CRN). Chrome nitride coatings exhibit the greatest corrosion resistance, very good adhesion properties, and good wear resistance. 
  • Titanium nitride (FCG-TIN). Titanium nitride coatings demonstrate high abrasion and wear resistance and better adhesion properties than FSG-HCP coatings.
  • Titanium aluminum nitride (FCG-TAN). Titanium aluminum nitride coatings have the best wear resistance. 

Applications of Punch Tip Coatings

The best coating to apply to a punch tip depends on the characteristics of the tableting material. For example: 

  • Hard chrome plating coatings are suitable for tooling used on slightly abrasive, corrosive, or sticky materials. 
  • PVD-chrome coatings are suitable for tooling used on moderately abrasive, corrosive, and/or sticky materials. 
  • Chrome nitride coatings are suitable for tooling used on highly corrosive, very sticky, or moderately abrasive materials. 
  • Titanium nitride coatings are suitable for tooling used on highly abrasive and corrosive materials. 
  • Titanium aluminum nitride coatings are suitable for tooling used on extremely abrasive materials, such as crystalline powders (e.g., salts or other minerals). 

Tooling Coating Solutions at Fette Compacting 

Adding specialized coatings to punch tips can help improve tooling life and product quality. However, it is essential to choose the right coating formula for the given tableting material. If you need assistance selecting a coating for your tableting tooling, the experts at Fette Compacting are here to help. 

At Fette Compacting, we have decades of experience researching and developing industry-leading technology used to revolutionize the tableting process by improving efficiency and enhancing product quality. Our punch tip coatings are designed to complement the materials used to craft our standard, inox, and premium punches, dies, and segments to produce superior components.

To learn more about our coating capabilities and other tooling solutions, contact our experts today. Our team will work closely with you to determine the best tooling design for your specific tableting application. 



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