At Fette Compacting, we continually look for ways to expand our product offerings to better serve our customers. One of our recent product releases—the FE75—serves as a superior tablet press solution for large batches of over 1.6 million pieces per hour.

What’s New: FE75 Features & Benefits


Longer Compression Dwell Times

The FE75 features four pairs of pressure rollers and the option for utilizing FS19 punches. Together, these components allow for compression dwell times that are up to 166% longer.

Smaller Footprint

Coming in at only two square meters, the FE75 has the optimal ratio of production rate to installation space required.

Lower Vibration Levels

Equipped with pneumatic suspension in the machine feet, the FE75 dampens the vibrations generated during operation. This quality protects the machine from vibration-related damage and results in more consistent products from batch to batch. It can prove especially useful when running products that are prone to segregation, especially at higher forces.

Easier Operation

The combination of our signature TRI.EASY design and a new, patent-pending turret exchange method with a pneumatically regulated product scraper results in quick and easy operation. Additionally, the new filling system accommodates even challenging product formulations with ease, while the re-developed human machine interface (HMI) allows operators to monitor operations intuitively and efficiently.

Benefits of switching to the FE75

Greater Production Yields

The FE75 tablet press offers production capabilities for over 1.6 million tablets per hour. Additionally, it is designed for minimal product loss, allowing for the manufacture of more tablets with the same amount of product material.

Higher Product Quality

The unit features an FDA-certified housing made from high-performance polymer and product contact components made from stainless steel. Altogether, this machine design improves product and process quality. The HMI allows operators to easily keep an eye on operations and make changes as needed.

Smaller Installation Requirements

Standing at only two square meters, the FE75 takes up significantly less floor space in a production facility than other tablet presses of similar capacities. Its 360° accessibility allows for installation in any position.

Better Ease of Use

Our TRI.EASY design emphasizes efficiency in regard to operation, changeover, and maintenance. The FE75 embodies all of these qualities with the following features:

  • An internal tablet discharge mechanism designed for easy operation, fast cleaning, and safe tablet sorting and sampling
  • A turret exchange mechanism designed for quick changeover and less cleanup work
  • A torque drive designed for superior performance, higher flexibility, greater energy efficiency, better cooling capabilities, and smaller maintenance requirements
  • Compression stations designed for simpler handling and easier load cell exchange
  • An HMI unit designed for more streamlined and intuitive operation

Fette Compacting Solutions

At Fette Compacting, we specialize in creating innovative and intuitive tablet press equipment. The FE75, setting new standards for high-volume tablet press production applications, is no exception. For additional information about the FE75, contact us today.

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