FE55Tablet compression is one of the most pivotal processes for the pharmaceutical industry. It involves using superior-quality pieces of equipment that rely upon ultra-high degrees of precision. The FE55 tablet press from Fette Compacting is the only machine of its performance class capable of manufacturing more than 90% of common tablet forms without additional investments or costly refitting.

The FE55 sets new standards for three primary factors influencing tableting efficiency: productivity, flexibility, and availability.

What’s New

  • New Filling Cone. This allows for safe and easy input of complex product mixtures, creating maximum productivity via less “residence” time.
  • High-Speed, First Layer Sampling System. It has a patented system that facilitates first layer sampling during production runs, using an instantaneous, pneumatically-adjustable lower compression rollers.
  • Innovative Internal Tablet Discharge. Internal tablet discharge allows the machine to take up less floor space, as it completely eliminates the need to dismantle, move and re-configure any peripheral devices that may be installed around the press (i.e. de-dusters, metalchecks, etc.). Made of stainless steel and Delrin, the discharge assembly contains chutes for good, sample and rejected tablets, with out-of-specification rejects being safely diverted outside the good tablet stream.
  • New Compression Stations. FE55 provides direct compression using a third roller, allowing for maximum flexibility and mono tablet production with 50% longer compression dwell time. The third station also provides for first-layer tamping in the event of running double-layer tablets.
  • New Turret. Multiple segmented turret options, including Pmax technology, allow for up to 87 stations in the footprint of machines that typically max out at 45. Each turret uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and coded rings for individual recognition by the control system, thus correlating them to specific product recipe files.
  • New Torque Drive. High performance torque direct drive is both energy-efficient and maintenance-free. Its robust capabilities allow for compressing difficult products, and ease of starting, even under significant load.
  • Re-developed HMI (Human Machine Interface). The intuitive, highly efficient, and easily operable HMI has a 19″ touch screen, with high-resolution graphical representations of critical machine processes, help functions, and more.

Notable Benefits of the FE55

There are myriad benefits to the new FE55 tablet press that ensure overall efficiency, reliability and versatility, including

  • The FE55’s purpose-built bi-layer functionality offers lightning-fast sampling times, reduction of cross-contamination, and up to 50% higher output due to the unique ratio of punch stations to footprint.
  • The FE55 offers users the choice of mono-, double-layer, or direct compression tableting and has a downward-compatible Fill-O-Matic. This integrative capability can facilitate product transfers for those who have developed products on earlier Fette Compacting press models. One central, multi-functional plug within the compression zone eliminates the need for multiple, cumbersome connections for lubrication, electrical power, and compressed air. 
  • Fette Compacting’s TRI.EASY design is geared specifically towards the simplification of all processes relating to operating, changeover and maintenance. The FE55 offers unique attributes that greatly facilitate typically tedious adjustments, and the innovative filling cone provides for even greater degrees of process flexibility. 

Fette Compacting Solutions

Fette Compacting is the leading supplier of tableting equipment worldwide. Our products are designed to offer innovative and intuitive compression technology to clients in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and related industries. The completely novel design of the FE55 sets new standards for tablet press efficiency and machine availability. If you have questions or want to learn more about this ground-breaking machine, contact our team of experts today!


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