For several years, Continuous Manufacturing has been trying to make its way into the Oral Solid Dosage production industry; however, acceptance and adoption of this manufacturing method are progressing very slowly. Some of the specific reasons for this slow progression include issues such as large and costly installations with high customization requirements, a high degree of complexity demanding the appropriate knowledge and skills, and insufficient flexibility for manufacturing multiple products.

As a top supplier of tablet compression technology, Fette Compacting provides customers with a new simple and compact Continuous Direct Compression solution. This particular solution helps overcome the challenges associated with Continuous Manufacturing, making it more accessible and economically justifiable for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies of all sizes.

Our Quality-by-Design Approach. CPS-design

Fette Compacting re-invented Continuous Manufacturing by taking a quality-by-design (QbD) approach, which entailed re-designing and re-thinking the operation of each unit along with how they integrate into compact standardized machine designs. As a result, we were able to make multiple significant design improvements, including:

  • The linear arrangement of loss-in-weight (LIW) feeders in lieu of a conventional circular setup
  • Complete separation of the machine’s technical area and process area
  • A novel blender design incorporating several inlet ports and two in-line independent mixing zones (i.e. high-shear AND low-shear, in one unit)
  • Fully integrated process analytical technology (ePAT), including near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)
  • A compact design facilitating single-floor arrangement

The FE Continuous Processing System (CPS)

Our FE Continuous Processing System (CPS) offers a state-of-the-art solution for the continuous blending and dosing of many types of raw materials. Its capabilities include the delivery and conveying of top-quality blends to any downstream powder processing systems.

With the help of our tablet presses, you’ll benefit from a Continuous Direct Compression line boasting unique advantages that meet your requirements for affordability, production efficiency, product quality, and operator safety.

The following are some specific advantages of the FE CPS:

Modular Design

The FE CPS features a modular design that maximizes flexibility for installation, setup, and operation. Its versatility makes it ideal for application in various manufacturing processes. Manufacturers can integrate the FE CPS continuous dosing and blending unit with any type of downstream powder processing machinery, including granulation equipment, capsule fillers, or tablet presses. Alternatively, you can use it as a standalone unit for producing high-quality dry powder blends and feeding them into a sachet-filling machine or Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC).

Containment Operator Safety

The FE CPS features a novel machine design that provides unrivaled levels of compactness, process flexibility, accessibility, product containment, and operator safety. We were able to achieve this benefit by taking a different approach in which we installed the LIW feeders in a line, whereas most systems utilize a circular feeder setup. The linearity of this setup enables installation through stainless steel walls, forming separate process and technical areas in the machine.

Fast Changeover

The unique design of the FE CPS allows for faster and easier unit cleaning and product changeover. This is achievable due to a few key factors:

  • We designed all product contact parts for unit operations to be lighter and allow for fast detachment from process area supports.
  • The FE CPS limits the number of removable elements to facilitate easier transfer to washing rooms for additional disassembly and offline cleaning.
  • The empty process area optimizes accessibility, with a compact design featuring smooth walls that make cleaning easier than ever.

Highly Intuitive, Centralized User Interface

Whether you use the FE CPS as part of a Continuous Direct Compression line or a standalone machine, one central control system performs all process, machine, and quality control functions. This control system comprises a high-speed controller embedded into the system and an industrial PC for human-machine interface (HMI), including the reporting and management of central recipes. The simplicity of this hardware structure coupled with our 100% proprietary software greatly reduces validation requirements and creates a consistently reliable control system.

Embedded Process Analytical Technology

The FE CPS features embedded Process Analytical Technology (ePAT) in the control system, including NIR spectroscopy, product tracking, virtual PAT capabilities, and more. Please refer to our companion blog for more detailed information on these ePAT features, and the ways in which they elevate Continuous Manufacturing to a higher level still.

Get the Solutions You Need With the FE CPS

At Fette Compacting, we’ve set a goal to develop a top-quality yet simple standardized solution for our customers. With this goal in mind, we’ve put together a solution that’s easy for experienced personnel to set up, maintain, and operate for any tablet manufacturing operation. Process engineers can quickly set up the FE CPS in much the same way they would set up tablet presses – they only need to select a few format parts and set unit operation parameters for the FE CPS to work with nearly any formulation.

Tablet press operators also start up, stop, run, clean, disassemble, and change over the FE CPS like they would a tablet press. Meanwhile, technical staff can conveniently maintain and calibrate the system when they access the machine from the technical area in the back. Our design incorporates every element of TRI.EASY: optimized setup, operation, and maintenance.

For more information about the FE CPS and how it can help you adopt Continuous Manufacturing for your operations, contact Fette Compacting today.

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